Risk Management

In the ever tightening world of corporate governance, Phoenix can provide the price and credit risk management tools required by management. Starting with Phoenix's proprietary 4-page price risk management policy, management can establish a bullet proof framework for a Board of Directors' approved price risk management program. Phoenix can then assist management in the design of a price risk management strategy to achieve the objectives specified in the policy, using its proprietary risk simulation models. Once the strategy has been designed, tested and approved, Phoenix can assist the company with the negotiation of "enabling" hedging agreements, such as the Schedule to the ISDA Master Agreement. Phoenix can then assist the client with the design, timing and execution of financial price risk management transactions and offsetting physical transactions, using Phoenix's proprietary interpretation of technical analysis tools to optimize the price. Once the hedging transactions are in place, Phoenix can verify monthly settlements, provide mark-to-market value information and assist with hedge accounting documentation requirements.

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