David W. Maffitt, P. Eng., MBA - General Manager

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Specialization: Gas Marketing & Transportation, Crude Oil Marketing, Risk Management, Midstream Advisory

Mr. Maffitt started his career in 1981 in the Gas Supply Department of Canadian Western Natural Gas Company Limited and Northwestern Utilities Limited where he was involved in gas supply planning, transportation and joint interest. In 1986, he joined Canada Northwest Energy Limited and was later appointed to the position of Manager of Gas Marketing & Supply. While at Canada Northwest, Mr. Maffitt negotiated contracts for a number of direct sales, cogeneration projects and the sale of production located in Italy. In April 1990, Mr. Maffitt formed Phoenix Energy Commercial Services Inc. and has since provided marketing advice to a number of local small producers, Commercial Services and cogeneration projects. Mr. Maffitt has also been an instructor at numerous seminars sponsored by Petroleum Accountants Society of Canada, The Petroleum Society of CIM, Petroleum Joint Venture Association, Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accountants through Mount Royal College and SAIT, Insight Educational Services, InfoTech, The Conference Board of Canada and the University of Calgary Management Marketing Association.

Mr. Maffitt is a professional engineer and holds memberships in APEGA, the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Petroleum Joint Venture Association, Canadian Heavy Oil Association and Professional Risk Managers International Association. Phoenix is also a member of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and Explorers and Producers Association of Canada.

Mr. Maffitt holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (1981) and a Masters of Business Administration (Marketing Major) (1997) from the University of Calgary

Carol A. Maffitt, P. Eng., GCIH Silver, GPPA Silver

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Specialization: Information Systems

Ms. Maffitt joined Phoenix Energy Commercial Services Inc. in November 1998, after nine years of providing engineering and exploration software front-line support and training for Manalta Coal Ltd.

At Phoenix, Ms. Maffitt is the entire IS department. She is responsible for all aspects of day-to-day functioning of the information systems, as well as all design, development and security of those systems. She is also the Security Officer, Privacy Officer and Compliance/Ethics Officer.

Ms. Maffitt graduated from the University of Alberta with a B.Sc. in Mineral Process Engineering. She is a Professional Engineer and a member of the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta. She has also augmented her experience in computer system security with additional training, including Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) silver certifications: GIAC Certified Perimeter Protection Analyst (GPPA) and GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH).

Bob Cochlan

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Specialization: Providing Contract NGL Consulting Services To Phoenix Energy Commercial Services Clients.

Bob started his NGL career in 1971 as Marketing Coordinator in the NGL Marketing Department of Dome Petroleum Limited, Learning the Fundamentals of NGL Supply, Transportation, and Marketing. In 1974, he joined Koch Oil Canada as Sales Representative and was later appointed to the position of Manager, NGL Marketing & Supply. At Koch, he Negotiated Direct sales of Propane and Butane throughout Western Canada, Pacific North West and U.S. Midwest Propane and Butane Markets, As Well As b Responsible for all Canadian ButaneSupply to Koch's Minneapolis, Minnesota Refinery. In 1975, Mr.Cochlan was recruited for Marketing Manager,by Stillings Canada Petroleum, ( A Marketing Joint Venture with PanCanadian Petroleum) to Market PCP Equity NGL Production throughout North American. This marked the beginning of a 20 year span through successor companies CanStates Energy, and Kinetic Resources, including 10 years in Sarnia, Ontario (1984-1994) Responsible For Managing all Company Interests in The Marysville, Michigan Fractionation (25,000 Barrels/Day) & Underground Storage Terminal (5,000,000 Barrels) (MUST); Together With All Commercial NGL Supply, Marketing, and Transportation Functions in Eastern Canada And North East United States Markets,As Well As Ethane, Propane, Butane, and Condensate FeedStock Supply to the Company's Joint Venture with NovaChemicals Corunna, Ontario PetroChemical Complex. ( 65,000 BPD)

Since 1996, Mr. Cochlan has owned and operated Rebound Energy Ltd. An NGL Consultantcy Serving 22 Western Canadian NGL Producers, All Major Midstream Purchasers, Canadian and U.S. End Use Wholesale/Retail Propane Buyers, Butane Blenders into Crude Oil, and Refinery Butane Supplies.

He is an active Volunteer for The Salvation Army, and is a sought after Guest Speaker to Calgary's NGL Business Community.

Mr.Cochlan holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree From The University of Alberta (1968)

Christina G. Grant - Senior Associate, Advisory Services, Crude Oil Specialist.

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Specialization: Oil, NGL & Sulphur

Mrs. Grant brings 11 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, with last  8 years spent working in various capacities relating to the marketing of Crude Oil and NGL's.  She started with Newport Petroleum in the Engineering department.   When Newport was bought out by Hunt Oil Company of Canada she moved over to the Marketing department in the capacity of Marketing Analyst.  Within a year she then took the position of Marketing Representative and was responsible for all of HOCC's Crude, NGL's, Sulphur and Gas on the Alliance Pipeline.  From 2005-2007, Mrs. Grant was employed by Streamline Energy as a Crude Oil Marketing Representative.  She joined Phoenix Energy Commercial Services in September, 2007.

Mrs. Grant completed the certificate program at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology for Petroleum Engineering Technology in 1999.

Dean S. Parson, P. Chem, MBA - Senior Crude Oil Marketing Representative

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Specialization: Analyst, Crude Oil, Natural Gas

Mr. Parson joined Phoenix in 2008 as a Marketing Analyst, after completing his MBA at the University of Calgary with a double concentration in Finance and Global Energy Management / Sustainability. During his MBA studies, Mr. Parson also passed the first level of the CFA Examination.

As a Senior Associate, Mr. Parson works with clients in the marketing of Crude Oil. Mr. Parson brings with him 7 years of industry experience as a petroleum chemist and 10 years as a crude oil marketer. Mr. Parson is a member of the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC), the Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta (ACPA), and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accounting (CAPPA).

Derek Ashing

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Specialization: Natural Gas, NGL

Mr. Ashing started his career with Shell Canada in 1980 at the Waterton Gas Plant as an operations engineer. After 10 years in various engineering positions Mr. Ashing moved into Natural Gas Marketing.

Mr. Ashing then joined Ocelot Energy and managed the marketing group. In addition to managing the sale of its Canadian production Mr. Ashing was also responsible for the marketing of Ocelot’s Gabon (West Africa) crude oil production.

Mr. Ashing then moved to Aux Sable to set-up and manage their gas purchasing business. The marketing group also looked to obtain rich gas (gas laden with NGLs) from Canadian producers and successfully attracted some of this rich gas.

A brief time was spent at Spectra Energy setting up their gas supply business and implementing trading of gas to increase the supply of gas and NGLs through our Empress facility.

Mr. Ashing then returned to Aux Sable and was promoted to Vice President shortly thereafter. The majority of the time was spent setting up a Gas Marketing group and recontracting the Alliance Pipeline by providing incentives to producers who had rich gas. Mr. Ashing also purchased a gas plant in BC as part of Aux Sable’s foray into the midstream business in Canada.

Mr. Ashing came out of retirement and joined Phoenix in 2018, providing support in Gas Marketing and business development opportunities.

Douglas Anderson

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Specialization: Credit Risk Management

Mr. Anderson started his career in 1967 in the Canadian chartered banking system where he remained until 1972, joining Pacific Petroleum Limited, the founding enterprise of Petro-Canada, now Suncor. While at Petro-Canada, Mr. Anderson held various positions in credit management both in refined oil products and exploration & production (E&P) business sectors. In 1990 Mr. Anderson joined Shell Canada Limited as the international credit manager representing the E&P division, managing all facets related to the credit issues surrounding domestic and international sales of crude oil, asphalt, sulphur, propane, butane, condensate, and natural gas. Until his retirement from Shell in 2008, Mr. Anderson was also responsible for Corporate credit governance, training and development of the refined oil products credit personnel, managing the non-trade and joint venture business activities within E&P and, in conjunction with Shell’s legal department, providing advice company-wide on content necessary for credit protection in commercial contracts and related security devices.

An advocate of continuing business education, Mr. Anderson has been a frequent lecturer to industry groups around North America on the topic of protective measures related to credit and financial matters. He was a founding member of the Canadian education committee of the International Energy Credit Association (IECA) which is the premier professional credit educational association dedicated to the energy sector worldwide, presiding over the IECA general body in 1999.

Credit Risk Solutions Limited, formed in 2008, is a consulting firm servicing several highly successful businesses, primarily in the energy sector concentrating on corporate credit governance, credit policies and procedures, staff training and development and recommendations on content necessary for credit protective language in commercial purchase & sales contracts and related security devices. January 2020 marked the gateway to the seventh decade of Mr. Anderson’s engagement in the credit profession.

Greg Baden

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Specialization: Electricity, Natural Gas

Greg has over 35 years of experience in the energy business, the majority of which has been associated with natural gas and electricity. Prior to setting up his own consultancy business, Greg worked for Shell Trading/Coral Energy, the global marketing arm of the Royal Dutch Shell Group, in a business development role as Vice President for Power focused on Canadian opportunities.

Before joining Coral in 1998, Greg worked for Shell Canada Limited in a number of roles including natural gas processing, pipeline design and business planning. Some of Greg’s achievements with Shell Trading include tolling agreements, long-term natural gas and electricity purchase and sale agreements and both physical and financial short-term contracts.

In 2006, Greg retired from Shell and set up BECL and Associates Ltd (BECL) a private energy consulting firm focused primarily on electricity and natural gas. Over the past few years BECL has advised clients on electricity price risk management, the costs and benefits of onsite generation. Additionally, BECL has undertaken studies ranging from examining the cost and benefits of coupling energy storage with wind power generation, to the potential of converting existing coal-fired generation units to natural gas.

Greg graduated in 1977 from the University of Calgary with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Jared Layton - Senior Associate, Advisory Services, Crude Oil Specialist

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Specialization: Crude Oil, Condensate

Kevin Sullivan

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Specialization: Trade Credit Insurance and Working Capital Solutions

Kevin Sullivan is Vice President at OneSource Risk Management Canada Inc. OneSource is North America’s largest specialist trade credit insurance broker. Kevin specializes in structuring unique risk mitigation and trade finance solutions for Western Canadian companies primarily in the energy, resource and agriculture sectors. Kevin has almost 20 years of experience in the credit insurance industry, structuring deals across all sectors in North America as a broker and as an underwriter.

Kevin joined the Phoenix team as a part-time associate in January, 2015.

Mary-Lou B. Zimmer, BComm - Senior Associate, Advisory Services, Natural Gas Specialist

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Specialization: Gas, NGL, Midstream

Ms. Zimmer began her career in 1985 at Atcor Ltd. in the Gas Marketing Accounting Department where she was involved in developing a general pool concept that was essential in meeting contractual obligations held and accounting for third party natural gas purchases and sales to large Alberta industrial markets. In 1988, she joined Poco Petroleums Ltd. and held various positions during her four-year stay including pipeline coordination on ten pipelines, development of a computerized gas marketing system, purchases of short and long-term natural gas supply in three provinces and negotiation of short and long-term sales arrangements across North America. In 1991, Ms. Zimmer joined Summit Resources Limited as a Marketing Representative where she later became the Marketing Manager before she moved on to establish a marketing department in 1994 at a junior has producer called Petromet Resources Limited.

In November, 1998, Ms. Zimmer joined Phoenix Energy Commercial Services Inc. as a Senior Associate.

Ms. Zimmer obtained her Bachelor of Commerce degree with distinction in 1985 from the University of Alberta and also has received a Certified Management Accountant designation (CMA) in 1987. She has served on various industry committees including NOVA Tolls, Tariffs and Procedures Committee, the CAPP NOVA Committee.and the GasEDI 2005 Committee.

Michael Campbell - Senior Associate, Advisory Services, Crude Oil Specialist

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Specialization: Crude Oil, Condensate

Mitchell Quong - Crude Oil Marketing Representative & Manager of Educational Services

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Specialization: Oil, NGL, Education and Training

Mitchell Quong Joined Phoenix as a Jr. Marketing Analyst (Summer Student) in 2014 while attending the University of Lethbridge, pursuing a Bachelor of Management in Marketing. Mitchell continued to work Summers at Phoenix in this role until he completed his Degree in 2017.

In May 2017, Mitchell was brought on full time as a Crude Oil Marketing Representative, and Manager of Education. As a Crude Oil Marketing Representative, Mitchell assists the Phoenix client base with day-to-day logistics, providing crucial marketing intel, and Netback Optimization. As Manager of Education, Mitchell is tasked with setting up and hosting industry training courses in Canadian energy marketing.

Nancy D. Brumwell – Senior Associate, Advisory Services, Natural Gas Specialist

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Specialization: Gas, Gas Control & Transportation

Ms. Brumwell brings with her almost thirty years of oil and gas experience working in various capacities within the industry, including four years in the credit department at Gulf Canada Resources. She then worked in the Production Accounting department of several companies including Amoco Canada, Merland Explorations Ltd., D&S Petroleum Consulting Group Ltd., Murphy OilCompany Ltd., Placid Oil Company, Remington Energy Ltd. and Esso Resources, first as an Assistant and later as a Production Accountant. Most recently, Ms. Brumwell worked as a Marketer for Canor Energy Ltd., Inuvialuit Petroleum Company, Samson Canada, Ltd., Ocelot Energy Inc., Star Oil & Gas Ltd. and PanEast Petroleum Corp.

Ms. Brumwell has supplemented her oil and gas experience with a variety of courses in the fields of computers, gas marketing and royalty simplification.  She joined Phoenix in November, 1996.

Tiernan Neufeld

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Specialization: Executive Assistant

Tiernan Neufeld joined the Phoenix Team in September 2018 and oversees the office management and administration. Ms. Neufeld completes industry statistical data entry and the preparation of daily publications provided to clients. She also facilitates Phoenix events and helps with the preparation of Phoenix seminars.

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