Crude Oil Marketing

PHOENIX offers a full range of crude oil marketing services, which are tailored to meet the individual needs of the client at each stage of its growth. For startup companies, this can be as simple as arranging a monthly evergreen "lease purchase" contract with a creditworthy and service-oriented marketing company using Phoenix's proprietary standard agreement templates. For larger companies, Phoenix can provide a cost/benefit analysis of becoming a shipper on a pipeline system and selling production to two or more markets at a variety of downstream market hubs. For crude oil that is transported by truck, Phoenix can identify and monitor changes in the optimal delivery point to maximize the client's overall netbacks. Phoenix uses leading edge PETROTRANZ technology to create and manage monthly crude oil production forecasts and its own proprietary heavy oil blending models to identify value-added opportunities. Phoenix's market intelligence can provide management with critical information that assists them with prioritizing investment of capital between exploration or development plays in different regions or provinces.

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