Course Testimonials

Introduction to Canadian Crude Oil Marketing

"Great for new entrants into crude marketing or those who just need to know how it works."
"Excellant course, tonnes of information.  Very enjoyable."
"Extremely informative.  Well worth the price of the course.  Active participation in case study excellent forum for hands-on experience."
"Excellent seminar which took you from well-head to refinery"
"An invaluable resource to anyone who is new to crude oil marketing or who wants to complete the picture."

Introduction to Canadian Natural Gas Marketing

"I have been working in the natural gas sector since 1978. Over this time period, the gas industry has experienced regulatory changes and as an employee, you make changes required for your specific department with a limited understanding of why this change was necessary. I have recently attended a seminar offered by Phoenix Energy Marketing Consultants called "Introduction to Canadian Natural Gas Marketing". I would like to commend both Dave Maffitt and Trina Lingel on the sensational job they did in organizing and presenting this seminar. The numerous guest speakers were very informative and able to keep our attention on the topic at hand. We went on a field trip to a pipeline control room and then, to test our newly learned skills of marketing, each person participated in a role in a simulation of the gas production to market scenario. This seminar is great and anyone working in this field would benefit for the large variety of information offered throughout the three day session."
"A good, comprehensive introduction"
"An outstanding course with material you can put to use right away"
"Overall, I have received a wealth of knowledge.  Thank-you!"
"This seminar was an excellent way to be introduced to the Canadian Gas Marketing industry.  WOW!!"
"I personally found the first morning the most informative for my position in gas marketing.  The simulation was a great learning experience.  It's much easier to retain the information learned by acting out the different scenario"
"Very informative, much better understanding of how industry works.  Would like to try another simulation to see what kind of price/transport/storage we would get now that we know what mistakes we made"
"Overall a very good course.  I particularly liked the "GJ Land" example, as well as the historical background and pricing (including the puts, collars, swaps).  I felt there was too much information on IT systems and pipelines.  I would like to see more on pricing, risk management."
"An excellant seminar, you helped to fill in a lot of blanks"
"Well presented overall, very timely info and well related to actual business practice and industry.  Will recommend highly."
"An excellant seminar to provide a background in the natural gas marketing industry.  Good variety of speakers with varied backgrounds and knowledge.  I would definitely recommend."
"My compliments to ... Phoenix Energy Marketing on doing a wonderful job on the course. I have been recommending the course to all people. I would also like to commend you on the Market Simulation. That simulation tied together the worlds of marketing, trading, transportation, and regulation."
"Excellent course!  Learned a lot in 3 days and enjoyed every minute!"
"Excellent course!  Good variety of speakers!  "The Game" was the definite highlight - very good learning experience"
"This was definitely the best course I have attended so far.  Unbelievable amount of information!"